Software solutions for image reconstruction


We provide high-end reconstruction algorithms as software solution for your CT scanner.

Our algorithms are implemented in a highly efficient manner on scalable multi-GPU hardware, which guarantees shortest reconstruction times.

Feldkamp [Cone beam geometry]

To reconstruct data from scanners with cone beam geometry, the Feldkamp reconstruction algorithm is applied. We provide high efficient GPU based algorithms, which make it possible to reconstruct even very large data sets in a short time.

Reconstruction times*:

0.5k (512 x 512 x 800) 3 sec.
1k (1024 x 1024 x 1600) 8 sec.
2k (2048 x 2048 x 3200) 5:44 min

*Benchmark values, depending on hardware configuration

Helical-CT (Spiral computed tomography)

With helical CT the object is moved parallel to the rotation axis during image acquisition. This allows to measure long-sized objects without introducing artefacts due to a large cone angle. MITOS provides powerful GPU based reconstruction algorithms for helical CT.

Tomosynthesis (Laminography)

With tomosynthesis and laminography it is possible to analyse distinct layers of large flat objects, which are too large to be fully rotated within the X-ray scanner.
We provide algorithms to reconstruct the layers from a set of individual measurements.

Laminographie Platine