MITOS is a spin-off company from the chair for X-ray physics at the Technical University of Munich (Bavaria, Germany). Beside X-ray inspection services MITOS develops software solutions for image reconstruction, artefact correction and noise reduction for optimal image quality.

Prizes and Awards

In 2015, the software development team from MITOS took third place at the TUM IdeAward of the Technical University of Munich, the Zeidler-Forschungs-Stiftung and the UnternehmerTUM for their contribution "High-End Algorithms for Industrial Computed Tomography". Link: TUM IDEAWARD press release

The MITOS Team

X-ray Services and Software Development

Marian Willner

Marian Willner is the specialist for X-ray analyses with micro-CT and new X-ray methods such as darkfield and phase-contrast imaging.

Andreas Fehringer is the chief software developer for advanced image reconstruction algorithms.

Advisory Board

Prof. Franz Pfeiffer

Prof. Dr. Franz Pfeiffer is head of the Department of X-ray physics at TU Munich. He received several highly renowned awards and prizes for his scientific contributions to X-ray imaging, among others the Latsis price and the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize.

Klaus Achterhold

Dr. Klaus Achterhold is one of the leading scientist at the chair for X-ray physics at TU Munich and has many years of experience in the field of X-ray imaging.